Nearly 100% of adults that smoke started before the age of 27. College campuses are critical partners in reducing the use of tobacco-products and the health effects that come with it. Students across the nation are calling for tobacco-free campuses. Currently, there are 1,482 100% smoke-free campuses in the U.S. with 1,137 of those campuses being completely tobacco-free.

Campuses with 100% smoke-free, campus-wide policies were shown to have 77% fewer cigarette butts on campus grounds compared to colleges with no smoke-free policies. Carson City Health and Human Services encourages Nevada campuses to go smoke-free!

The cost of cigarettes is not worth it. Not only are cigarettes detrimental to your health, but they are expensive. The average cost of college in Nevada for one year is $5,139, and the average cost of smoking for one year in Nevada is $2,300.


How You Can Help

A majority of students and university faculty would prefer a smoke-free campus. You can encourage your campus to go smoke-free by creating petitions, writing letters to university presidents, and encouraging others to help make your campus smoke-free. Additionally, you can participate in Kick Butts Day, which aims to make college campuses tobacco-free. To find Kick Butts Day Events in your area, click here.


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Nevada Tobacco Quitline

Nevada Tobacco Quitline is a FREE phone counseling service available to smokers aged 13 or over who want to stop smoking. Your quit coach will help you make a schedule so you can quit using tobacco. Adults over 18 may qualify for FREE tobacco replacement therapy. To find out more, click here.

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