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About Safe Routes to Schools (SRTS)

The Western Nevada Safe Routes to Schools Program aims to provide kids across Carson City, Lyon, Douglas, and Storey Counties with the skills and encouragement they need to incorporate safe walking and biking into their lives, especially traveling to and from school. Through a combination of strategies  “Education, Encouragement, Engineering, Enforcement, and Evaluation” the program works to not only increase the number of families who choose walking and biking, but to provide a safer environment around schools to take part in these healthy activities.

The Safe Routes to School Program is fully customizable to the needs of each school. Our Safe Routes to School Coordinator, Cortney Bloomer, networks with other Safe Routes to SchoolHelmet Distribution representatives from around the country to learn about best practices, and engages with local and state transportation professionals, educators and administrators, community leaders, parents and law enforcement officials find the best solutions for each individual school.

The Safe Routes to School Program benefits kids and communities. Research has shown that the program increases physical activity and improves health, while fostering autonomy and responsibility for students. Participants gain important safety skills that will serve them for a lifetime as road users. Additionally, there is evidence that choosing active transportation methods, like walking and biking, can improve academic achievement. Communities around the school benefit as well, from decreased traffic congestion, improved air quality, and safer streets.

Additional SRTS Activities

 Helmet Distribution
Each year, the Western Nevada Safe Routes to School program distributes hundreds of helmets to kids across our service area. We know that helmets can save lives by helping to prevent head injuries, and the Safe Routes to School Program works to ensure that any child who wants and needs a helmet can have one. Look for our helmet fitting stations at community events like National Night Out, ask your school administrator if they participate in the Helmet Program, or contact Carson City Health and Human Services to get a free helmet for your child today.

Walk Audits/Technical Assistance
Safe Routes to School encourages kids and families to choose active transportation for their daily trip to and from school, but realizes that the area around the school may not be safe. During a Walk Audit, a team will evaluate the area around your school for solutions to make the environment safer for walking and biking. A Walk Audit team may include the Safe Routes to School Coordinator, traffic planners and engineers, local law enforcement, and representatives from your school. Transportation advocates, parents, and others are welcome to participate. After observing the school in the morning and in the afternoon to see current patterns of behavior, infrastructure, and other hazards in the area, the team will work together to make a report for the school detailing possible solutions. After a Walk Audit, the Safe Routes to School Coordinator will answer any questions the school has and will provide assistance to the school with grant writing as needed to fund any needed infrastructure improvements or to develop a program to increase participation.

Program Reports

Please Contact Cortney Bloomer, Western Nevada Safe Routes to School Coordinator, for more information at (775) 283-7525 or cbloomer@carson.org!

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Are you a school teacher, administrator, or PTA officer? Do you lead a Boy or Girl Scout troop, Boys and Girls Club, or other youth organization? Are you putting together a community event and looking for a way to include bike safety? Reserve our Bike Trailer!

Contact our Western Nevada Safe Routes to School Coordinator for more information!

Cortney Bloomer, MPH, CHES
(775) 283-7525 | cbloomer@carson.org


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