Carson City Health and Human Services wants to provide the citizens of Carson City with smoke-free public areas. The Surgeon General concluded that there is NO risk-free level of secondhand smoke, even in small amounts. Many of us are still exposed to secondhand smoke, but a smoke-free environment is the only way to fully protect non-smokers from the dangers of secondhand smoke.

Nevada Clear Indoor Air Act

As of December 8, 2006, The State of Nevada has prohibited smoking in most public places and indoor areas of employment. The act has allowed local governments in Nevada to enact regulations for tobacco-free public areas that are even stricter than Nevada law. Just Breathe photo

The person in control of a non-smoking establishment must post signs prohibiting smoking in their establishment and remove smoking paraphernalia.  Smoking is now banned in:

  • Public and private school buildings and school grounds
  • Child care facilities with five or more children
  • All areas of grocery, convenience, or drug stores, even those with slot machines
  • All indoor areas of a restaurant including those in gambling establishments
  • Bars that allow people under the age of 21 to enter
  • Retail establishments including malls
  • Arcades and movie theatres
  • Government buildings and public places

Smoking is allowed in:

  • Gaming areas in casinos where minors are restricted
  • Bars where people under the age of 21 are not allowed to enter
  • Strip clubs or brothels
  • Retail tobacco stores
  • Tobacco conventions that are closed to the public
  • Private residences

NRS 202.2483: Crimes Against Public Health & Safety – Smoking Tobacco

  • Smoking is prohibited within indoor areas of employment.  See public places where indoor smoking is prohibited above.
  • Owners can create nonsmoking areas in their facility if their establishment is not prohibited from indoor smoking.
  • Counties, cities, and towns can establish local smoking laws that meet or exceed state-wide laws.
  • “No Smoking” signs must be noticeably posted at every entrance of any public place.  Smoking paraphernalia, such as ashtrays, must be removed.
  • Health authorities, police officers, and sheriffs and their deputies shall enforce the provisions of this section.
  • No person or employer shall retaliate against someone exercising their rights or attempts to prosecute a violation of this section.

For more information and smoke-free guides, visit Southern Nevada Health District.

Nevada Tobacco Quitline

Nevada Tobacco Quitline is a FREE phone counseling service available to smokers aged 13 or over who want to stop smoking. Your quit coach will help you make a schedule so you can quit using tobacco.  Adults over 18 may qualify for FREE tobacco replacement therapy. To find out more, click here.

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