Our Environmental Health services are designed to protect and promote the health and welfare of the community through education, intervention, prevention, and assistance to people residing in or visiting our city so they can work, raise families, recreate and grow without the threat of food borne, water borne and or vector borne disease.

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Environmental Health

The major focus areas of this effort are as follows:
Food Protection
Individual Sewage Disposal Systems
Private Wells
Public Swimming Pools
Public Accommodations
Invasive Body Decoration and Permanent Makeup (Tattoos & Piercings)
Vector Control
Public and Private Schools
School and Childcare

Food Inspection Program

Carson City Health and Human Services currently oversees   food service facilities inspections for restaurants, schools, and day care centers in both Carson City and Douglas County.   Each facility is inspected to insure compliance with Nevada Board of Health rules and regulations governing restaurants. Inspection frequency depends on the type of food service facility, the client base, and the inspection history. The records of food service facilities are available at Carson City Health and Human Services. Click here to learn more about Food Safety Inspections and Grading System

Food Service Personnel Training
Carson City concentrates training efforts towards the professional food service manager. Most food service facilities are required to have a Certified Food Service Manager on duty during all hours of the operational day.   The training is conducted at Carson City Health and Human Services and is taught by qualified instructors. Recertification is required every three years.

Facility Plan Review
All plans for new food service facilities and all plans for the renovation of existing facilities are reviewed in order to ensure that all basic health requirements are met.

Enforcement Actions
When necessary, food service facilities can have their Health Department Permit SUSPENDED.   This action is appropriate when there is an imminent health hazard such as the aftermath of a fire, loss of water, power, or food holding equipment. REVOCATION is the permanent removal of the permit and is a last resort in trying to get compliance with the regulations.

Complaint form
Cottage Food Information for Famer’s Market/Swap Meet Managers
Cottage Food Fact Sheet and Safety information
Cottage Food Operation Application
Food Establishment Application (Carson City)
Food Establishment Application (Douglas County)
Health Permit Application (New Construction/Remodel)
Pool Construction Application
Pool Operators Guide
Septic Permit Application
Service Depot/Commissary Authorization Form
Temporary Event Food Permit Application and Information
Well Drilling Permit Application

Applicable Laws/Regulations
Carson City Municipal Code (CCMC) 9 (Health Permits)
Carson City Municipal Code (CCMC) 12 (Septic laws)
Nevada Revised Statues (NRS) 444 (Public pool/spa and Septic laws)
Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 444 (Public pool/spa and Septic laws)
Nevada Revised Statues (NRS) 446 (Food Establishment Laws)
Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 446 (Food Establishment Laws)


CDC – Food Safety
CDC – Healthy Swimming/Recreational Water
Partnership for Food Safety Education


For more information about Environmental Health programs please call (775) 887-2190.