We believe teens should wait to have sex until they are ready and understand the consequences.

Promoting Health Among Teens (PHAT)

Program for Youth Ages 9 – 12 & 13 – 15

Abstinence Only Intervention is a program offered by Carson City Health and Human Services to give young people the accurate information and tools they need to use abstinence to avoid unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV).

The program uses several teaching modalities to cover a broad spectrum of topics including:

  • Changes to the Body During Puberty
  • Communicating with Friends and Partners About Abstinence
  • Definitions of Abstinence and How to Make it Work for You
  • Identification and Assessment of High-Risk Situations
  • Identifying Peer Pressure
  • Myth-Dispelling
  • Negotiation Skills
  • Pregnancy
  • STD and HIV Transmission

Click here to see an overview of the program, sample DVD clips, examples of the abstinence-only lessons and more!

Be Proud! Be Responsible!

Program for Youth Ages 13 – 18 Years Old

Be Proud! Be Responsible! offers young adults the information and tools needed to protect themselves and avoid an unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases (including HIV).

  This program reviews the following:

  • Birth Control Methods
  • Communicating with Friends, Parents and Partners about Abstinence
  • Identifying High-Risk Situations and Peer Pressure
  • Pregnancy Prevention
  • STD and HIV Transmission

Information for Parents

Parents are the most important sexual health educators in their children’s lives.  
Talking to your children about sensitive topics such as abstinence, sex and protecting oneself from unplanned pregnancy and STD’s can be difficult.The purpose of our program is to give accurate, factual, evidence-based information regarding making proud, responsible, healthy choices. In addition, we encourage parental involvement. If youth are attending our classes with no knowledge, we lay the foundation, providing them with the basic knowledge, definitions and skills to help protect themselves. If youth have been provided education previously in any form, we will add to their knowledge base and continue to encourage them to make safe and healthy choices.

Parent Resources
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Parent and Guardian Resources
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services – Office of Adolescent Health

For more information about these programs, or to sign your child up, please call (775) 887-2190.